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The importance of company culture and how we do it at CPM

A strong company culture helps to attract top talent and increases employee retention – it’s quite literally the cornerstone of a happy workforce. It can help to increase engagement and job satisfaction, plus it’s proven that highly engaged workplaces see a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. (Gallup) Put simply, a fantastic culture can positively impact business growth, longevity and company-wide results – it’s a win-win for brands we work with, and for teams we employ.

Company culture is much more than providing perks like free drinks and ping pong tables, it’s about creating an open and collaborative environment where people feel valued, heard and included.

Our people are the biggest and brightest asset we have, and CPM’s culture is something that sets us apart. So when people are looking for a new job or going for a promotion, it’s important to consider company culture and how it can affect happiness and engagement at work.

For our clients, that include world-famous brands, they find that working with us ensures that they get the best people – dynamic, engaged, enthusiastic and loyal to their brand in part thanks to the culture we’ve created.


So what does a good company culture look like?


Collaboration is so important and it’s at the heart of what we do. A collaborative culture means creating a workplace where people can communicate openly and honestly and form meaningful bonds with one another regardless of their position in the company. Everyone should be encouraged to have a voice and make it heard, and just as importantly, we really listen. There’s no such thing as a bad idea.

We work together to find solutions, come up with new and exciting innovations and find ways to do things better every single day. We also carry out regular surveys to understand exactly how our teams feel about work, and 98% of our people reported they’re proud to work here. 84% said they’d recommend working with us to friends and family, and that in turn, makes us really proud.


Diversity in the workplace is vital for employees and helps teams to acknowledge peoples’ differences and also find similarities, working together to the same end goals. Workplace diversity has proven to foster mutual respect and success by bringing lots of different strengths and talents to the workplace.

A report from Gartner, found workers in highly diverse and inclusive organisations result in a 26% increase in team collaboration and an 18% increase in team commitment. Furthermore, employees who are part of organisations with high levels of diversity report a 7% higher intent to stay than their peers in organisations that have low levels of diversity.

We support communities around us, and we promote inclusion and employee engagement all the way. Our workforce is diverse, we’re above the industry average on gender pay, and we champion female leaders with women in more than 50% of CPM’s senior leadership team.



Everyone has a unique set of skills, attributes and talents, and people should be given the opportunity to learn and grow. By investing in learning and development, employee engagement initiatives and reward schemes, we can help to create a strong sense of inclusion and belonging. At CPM, we call this ‘Get, Grow, Keep’ and it’s at the core of our culture of how we recruit, train and develop our people.

Our aim is to help people be the best and achieve their goals – no career path at CPM is the same. From the varied brands we work with, and the hundreds of different roles we offer, we encourage our people to reach their potential wherever that is in the business. This approach naturally garners employee engagement as people realise new and exciting career experiences.


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Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith heads up the CPM UK Group Talent Acquisition team, recruiting over 1000 vacancies every year across field and office. With a background in Talent Management Amanda is a champion for the philosophy ‘Recruit for attitude, train for skill’ and loves seeing candidates with a can do approach succeeding and excelling in their role. Amanda fully understands the Sales industry having worked across all areas of the CPM business including Contact Centre, Field and office in client facing and operational roles.

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