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Top tips on how to start your next career adventure using social media

Finding a new job can seem daunting but if you’re not feeling fulfilled at work, now could be the perfect time to start a new career adventure. A recent report* suggests that on average we spend 3,507 days at work in our lifetimes, so don’t waste all that time being unhappy!

In this blog, we share our top tips on how to use each social media platform to help find your next role and truly fulfil your potential.


LinkedIn is the social media platform made famous for business networking, making professional connections and progressing careers online. You’ll find thousands of jobs advertised on LinkedIn and employers will actively recruit potential candidates by searching their skillsets using keywords. That’s why it’s so important to have your LinkedIn profile fully completed using relevant keywords to detail your education, career history, a bit about your interests and where possible, include some endorsements. Endorsements are a powerful feature on LinkedIn and positive comments from former bosses and colleagues help to make you stand out. They also add credibility to your skills and experience, show you get on well with people and work well as part of a team, so it’s well worth asking your peers for help.

Don’t forget to join and follow industry and company groups that interest you and are relevant to your chosen career sector – this will all help you to grow your network and share knowledge. And finally, pay the same attention to detail on your LinkedIn profile as you would on your CV, so double check spelling, grammar and punctuation. You can keep up to date with CPM Jobs’ latest news and opportunities by following our official LinkedIn page.


There are over 13 million UK users on Twitter and it’s a fantastic and informal place to connect with those who have similar interests and work in the same industry as you. To get the most out of it, follow influencers, recruiters and businesses that you admire, or you’re interested in working with.

You can find job opportunities on Twitter using hashtags and keywords. Simple search terms like ‘new job’. ‘now hiring’, ‘London Jobs’ etc, will bring up relevant and local results that you can go on to apply for. You can tweet from your own account as well to show what your interests are, but always be careful to avoid any sensitive topics, or sharing tweets that could be considered discriminatory as some employers may see your profile. Follow CPM Jobs on Twitter for the latest opportunities, job market news and interview tips.

Facebook and Instagram

Whilst Facebook and Instagram are widely considered to be more personal social media platforms, there’s still scope to find your dream job on these channels. Our team at CPM Jobs for example, post opportunities regularly to alert people to new roles becoming available. Head to our Instagram and Facebook for updates.

On Instagram, job hunters will find it helpful to follow relevant hashtags like #wearehiring #newcareer #CPMJobs so they’ll see new opportunities in their feed. On both Facebook and Instagram, it’s also a good idea to follow pages of companies you’d like to work with, and like and follow local recruitment agencies and get to be the first to hear about new roles giving you a competitive advantage.

Always bear in mind the type of content you post online – and if you’re using Facebook and Instagram to support your job search strategy, avoid any potential embarrassment and make sure your posts are appropriate or that your settings are set to private for you and friends and family only.

CPM Jobs Alerts

And finally, along with social media supporting your job search, you can register your details with CPM Jobs and ensure you never miss out on that perfect opportunity. Our expert team will send you tailor-made job alerts based on your interests, skills and location to find the perfect job for you. If you’d like any information on any of our roles, simply give us a call on 01844 261 777. Happy job hunting!






Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith heads up the CPM UK Group Talent Acquisition team, recruiting over 1000 vacancies every year across field and office. With a background in Talent Management Amanda is a champion for the philosophy ‘Recruit for attitude, train for skill’ and loves seeing candidates with a can do approach succeeding and excelling in their role. Amanda fully understands the Sales industry having worked across all areas of the CPM business including Contact Centre, Field and office in client facing and operational roles.

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